Spectrum of services
Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery
Expertise and core competencies

Professor Felippe masters the entre spectrum of aesthetic and reconstructive
Surgery with particular expertise in aesthetic plastic surgery
Carrying out combined operations, operations with a high degree of complexity,
Optimising surgical results or the correction of operations is a part of his routine day.



A sagging abdominal wall and possible muscle hernias result after pregnancy or large fluctuations in weight or with localized fat deposits...



Small, hanging or large breasts can be corrected by various scar-sparing techniques. Tightening can also take place together with ...


Mommy Package

After one or more pregnancies bodily changes will arise in the breasts, abdomen and various body parts, including the genital area...

List – All services

Conservative or minimally invasive medical methods are available:

Wrinkle correction and anti-aging treatment

Conservative wrinkle treatments through
fillers such as autologous fat, Juvederm, Princess, Teosyal,
hydroxyapatite, Radiesse

Aftertreatment for granuloma with methacrylate, Artecoil

Botox (botulinum toxin) Vistabel, Dysport

Chemical peeling
Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Phenol, Retin-A acid, Retinol,


CO2 laser, Erbium laser, Fraxel laser, Radio Frequency,

Dermabrasion, skin abrasion

Mesotherapy – enzymes

Gold thread lifting, Russian thread lifting, Bulgarian thread lifting, thread lifting

Skin bleaching, skin whitening
Face – pigment spots, freckles – aging spots, lentigo senilis or lentigo solaris

Hair removal with a diode laser – IPL

Laser tattoo removal

Laser scar removal

Laser removal of birth marks, “liver sports” and warts

Cellulite treatment
Cavitation, ultrasound, mesotherapy, computer controlled lymph drainage

Laser therapy or sclerotherapy for micro-vessels
Spider veins, micro varicose veins, couperose, telangiectasias

Surgical methods:


Face lifting with scar-sparing technology:
SMAS, MACS, Presto, subperiostal
endoscopic face lifting without long incision only endoscopically
Minimally invasive forehead and cheek lifting
Subperiostal forehead lift
Full-face lifting
Forehead lift – temporal lift
Eyebrow raising – cheek raising
Cheek and neck correction and tightening
Correction of neck musculature, correction of platysma diastasis
Correction of platysma bands – tightening the platysma muscle
Double-chin correction – double-chin suctioning
Bichectomiy – cheek defatting or buccal fat removal
Canthoplasty (raising eye angles)
Corner of mouth lifting – smile lifting
Face lifting correction
Correction of facial paralysis – Romberg syndrome

Eyelid corrections and follow-up corrections
Upper eyelid correction – lower eyelid plasty – blepharoplasty – cat eyes
Lower eyelid correction, lagophthalmos, canthoplasty, cat eyes
Occidentalisation of eyelids, Asiatic eyes
Correction of eyelid plasty

Cheeks – malar bone – zygomatic arch – correction
Cheek buildup, cheek enlargement, cheek lifting, cheek implants

Nose corrections of all types
Open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty
Combined functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty
Combined functional and aesthetic nose plasty
Nasal hump removal, nose tip shaping, saddle nose
Supra-tip, nose tip raising
Nose shortening, nose reduction, nose wing reduction
Nostril reduction, nose follow-up correction
Ethnic nose correction – Asiatic nose, Negroid nose
Raising the nose tip, nasal bridge and nostrils reduction
Deviated septum correction – treatment of rhinophyma
Nose reconstruction, partial or total, also after tumours
Eyelid and nose correction (“face-occidentalisation”)
Correction of nose correction, also for lip-jaw palate cleft

Chin correction and jaw correction
Chin enlargement – chin implants and chin extension
Jawbone spreading – jawbone and chin spreading per Stallone

Ear and earlobe – correction
Auricle correction – ear appendage – hanging ears correction – ear reduction – ear reconstruction
Earlobe correction – ear lobe reduction – earlobe-orifice correction
Ear positioning for protruding ears – ear reduction
Profile plastic surgery (ear-, nose-, chin correction or harmonisation)

Lip corrections of all types

Lip correction, lip scar correction, lip buildup
Lip shortening, lip redness shaping,
Closure of cleft lip also in newborns
Correction of cleft lip-jaw-palate
Follow-up correction of corrected cleft lip-jaw-palate
Closure of nose-mouth-palate-fistula, oronasal fistula
Smile-mouth lifting – correction of gingival smile

For Down syndrome – eye correction, tongue narrowing

Breast surgery

Breast enlargement in all variations
Implant approaches: armpit, breast crease, areola, navel
Implant placement: underneath or above the pectoralis major muscle

Breast enlargement with own tissue
Skin and fat from upper abdomen
Abdominal fat or autologous fat transfer-dermal filling

Treatment of capsular fibrosis and change of implant
Capsulectomy and implant removal combined with breast lifting
Follow-up treatment of complicated, repeated capsular fibrosis
Sauvage due to multiple breast surgeries with own tissue

Correction of double bubble – correction of ripple marks
Bottoming-out correction

Breast lifting also with minimal scarring (short-scar technique)
Breast lifting combined with breast enlargement
Augmentation mastopexy
Breast lifting combined with own tissue volume buildup

Breast lifting also with minimal scarring (short-scar technique)
combined with upper abdominal tightening upward (incision at breast crease)

Breast reduction with modern, scar-sparing method

Gigantomastia – oversize breast – reduction

Areola-reduction -restoration

Areola reduction
Correction of inverted areola – correction of retracted nipple
Correction of split areola – correction of piercing holes or scars

Treatment of breast deformities of all types

Correction of areola prolapse
Correction of tubular breast – correction of tuberous breast
Correction of tube breast – correction of trunk breast
Correction of symmastia – correction of breast asymmetries
Correction of areola hernia – correction of Snoopy breast
Correction of Poland syndrome

Correction of rib cage deformity
Correction of funnel chest – correction of pectus excavatum
Funnel chest correction with own tissue or implant
Breastbone deformity – chicken chest deformity – pigeon breast

Male breast correction (gynecomastia)
Fat suctioning for lipomastia
Removal of excess male gland tissue
Breast raising in men – breast lifting for men – breast reduction for men

Breast reconstruction
Partial or total breast reconstruction with implants
Breast reconstruction with own tissue
Breast restoration with autologous fat – breast restoration with abdominal omentus major fat
Breast restoration with use of abdominal wall
Breast restoration with own muscle
VRAM – TRAM – DEEP – Glutaeus – Latissimus – muscle-flaps

Abdomen and navel correction

Mini-abdominoplasty (tightening of lower abdomen)
Abdominoplasty (entire abdominal wall tightening)
Abdomino-flankplasty (abdomen and waist tightening)
Upper abdomen tightening upward (incision at breast crease)
Upper abdomen tightening combined with breast surgery using one incision
Abdominal tightening with fascia doubling for rectus diastasis
Abdominal tightening with removal of surgical scars
Removal of stretch marks and skin plasty

Navel correction, navel reduction, navel shaping
Correction of navel stenosis (navel-narrowing after abdominal wall tightening)

Hernia correction at various areas
Inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, abdominal hernia
Hernia follow-up correction for hernia already surgically treated
Hernia correction with mesh insertion
Hernia correction combined with abdominal wall tightening
Umbilical hernia in childhood
Inguinal hernia in childhood

Waist tightening or flankplasty
Waist tightening or flankplasty combined with external thigh lifting

Hip – back

Removal of excess skin at the hip combined with back tightening and buttocks lifting

Removal of excess skin at the hip combined with back tightening and buttocks lifting and buttocks enlargement with own tissue or with silicone implants

Body lift (tightening of abdomen-back-buttocks-thigh lifting)
Reduction of skin and fat tissue with tightening:
Breast, back, abdomen, hip, buttocks and thigh
Belt abdominoplasty (tightening of abdomen-back-buttocks)

Buttocks modelling
Buttocks lifting – buttocks tightening
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue combined with back tightening
Buttocks enlargement with own tissue combined with thigh lifting
Buttocks enlargement with implants
Buttocks implant change
Correction of buttocks implants
Buttocks reduction
Buttocks modelling
BBL – Brazilian buttocks lifting
Correction of buttocks asymmetry
Correction of buttocks fold – correction of “banana fold”
Correction of the infragluteal sulcus

Upper extremities
Upper arm – elbow – underarm – hand
Upper arm tightening horizontal – upper arm tightening with T-incision
Upper arm tightening with L-incision
Upper arm tightening along the entire length
Upper arm tightening combined with breast tightening with one incision
Upper arm tightening combined with breast reduction with one incision
Elbow – skin tightening
Underarm tightening

Hand skin tightening – hand skin volume buildup
Treatment of syndactylia – also in childhood
Treatment of polydactylia – also in childhood
Dupuytren’s contracture
Nail bed plasty – nail defect on finger

Lower extremities
Thigh – knee – lower leg – foot
Thigh tightening with horizontal scar-sparing technique (on the thigh fold)
Thigh tightening vertical, from inguinal area to the knee
Thigh narrowing
Thigh thickening
Knee skin tightening – knee lifting
Calves – thickening (enlargement)
Calves – narrowing
Hallux valgus – hammer toe
Nail bed plasty – nail defect on big toe

Blood vessels
Varicose veins – surgery – varicosities surgery
Saphena magna – saphena parva

Lipoedema diagnosis – lipoedema suctioning – drainage therapy

Peripheral nerve surgery
Ulnar nerve translocation – ulnaris syndrome – cubital tunnel syndrome
Treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome – carpal tunnel cleft

Fat suctioning

Double-chin, breast, abdomen, hip, buttocks, upper arm, thigh and lower leg
Vibro liposuction – laser liposuction – water jet assisted liposuction – slim-lipo

Liposculpture is fat suctioning at several sites where excess fat tissue exists and autologous fat injection at sites with missing volume, such as the face, buttocks or hands

Fat suctioning is a surgical intervention that must not be trivialised and must be carried out by a specialist physician in plastic surgery in an operating room at a hospital in the presence of an anaesthesiologist, even if a local anaesthetic is involved.

Autologous fat transplantation (lipofilling of autologous fat tissue)
The fat tissue that is removed by fat suctioning must first be prepared before it is injected. Water and blood must be separated from the fat tissue by various methods. The fat tissue only is then used.
Possible regions for the autologous fat transplantation:
lip buildup, cheek buildup, wrinkle filling, breast buildup, buttocks modelling

Skin changes and tumours

Tumour removal and aesthetic skin plasty – skin surgery and medical checkup
Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, spinocellular carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma
Lipoma – lipomatosis – multiple lipoma
Sebaceous gland cysts

Sinus pilonidal cysts

Scar correction after surgery, after injury and after burns

Treatment of Hyperhydrosis at the armpit

Treatment of decubitus ulcers – pressure sores – decubitus ulcers
Vacuum therapy – flap plasty

Closure of perineal substance defect after rectal amputation with skin-muscle flaps
Closure of perineal substance defect after front exenteration with skin-muscle flaps

Genital operation – “intimate operation”
Various aesthetic-functional plastic surgical corrections
All degrees of complexity on female and male genital organ

Genital operation, female

Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis fat suctioning
Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis buildup
Mons Venus – mons pubis – mons pubis lifting – tightening – enhancement

Labiaplasty – labia majora – large vulvar lips, vulvar lips reduction
Labiaplasty – labia majora – large vulvar lips vulvar lips volume buildup
Labiaplasty – labia minora – small vulvar lips, vulvar lips reduction
Labiaplasty – labia minora – small vulvar lips – vulvar lips volume buildup
Clitoris reduction for clitoral hypertrophy – by hormonal or genetic disorder
Clitoral hood plasty
Vagina narrowing following birth – colpoplasty
Hymen surgery
Reconstruction following genital injury
Colpo-perineal plasty anterior – frontal colporrhaphy – bladder descensus surgery
Colpo-perineal plasty posterior – rear colporrhaphy – rectal descensus surgery
Correction of Caesarean section scar
Correction of episiotomy scar
Removal of excess anal skin after haemorrhoids
Microsurgical fallopian tube reconstruction
Reconstruction of vulva, for example after acne inversa, abscess with own tissue
Vagina reconstruction or vagina buildup with use of bowel segment
For example for Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuester-Hauser syndrome or other disease

Genital operation, male

Penis foreskin plasty in adults
Penis foreskin plasty in childhood
Correction of congenital or acquired genital deformities
Correction of hypospadias – use of buccal mucous membrane plasty
Correction of hypospadias – with mucous membrane from oral cavity
Correction of epispadias
Correction of penis curvature – plication per Nesbit
Therapy for penis curvature with Nesbit surgery and grafting
Correction of cryptorchidism – mal-positioning of testicles – undescended testicles
Treatment of anorchism – absence of testicles – insertion of testicular implants
Scrotal reduction, for example after hernia correction or hydrocele repair
Partial or total penis reconstruction with own tissue following injury or surgery
Spermatic duct transection – vasectomy
Reconstruction of transected spermatic duct – microsurgical vaso-vaso reanastomosis

Urinary bladder plasty – replacement plasty
Correction of bladder exstrophy
Bladder replacement plasty using small and large intestine
Intestinal conduits conversion surgery in bladder replacement plasty
“Mainz pouch“, “Indiana pouch“