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Univ.-Prof. (UFSC-Brazil) Dr. med. Paschoal FELIPPE
Specialist Physician in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Trained, court-certified expert

Dear Patients,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome to my homepage.

The following pages provide information on my professional career, my practice, my spectrum of services and the course of treatment.
My task is to explain the various aesthetic plastic surgical opportunities for treatment to you in relation to your personal wishes, so that we can work together in devising an individual, optimal concept for treatment. Therefore, I take a great deal of time for detailed, preliminary consultation and advice.

The foundation for this is a solid education of an international, multicultural nature and decades of experience in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. This leads to a high degree of safety and competence in all operations carried out by me personally, and is an especially relevant foundation for aesthetic plastic surgical intervention.

My patients are advised, operated on and treated post- surgically by me personally. I am happy to take the time required to offer outstanding quality. Treatments are carried out by me in a hospital.

The anaesthesia team consists of highly qualified, experienced specialist physicians who are superb in the mastery of all medical methods in anaesthesia in order to care for patients with outstanding competence.

I look forward to serving you and your friends in any consultations, for diagnoses, desired treatments and also for checkups, providing the best of my knowledge at the highest level of quality and at the best safety standards.

I look forward to your interest and your visit.

Univ.-Prof. (UFSC-Brazil) Dr. med. Paschoal FELIPPE
Specialist Physician in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


Kempten practice
Stuibenweg 2
87435 Kempten im Allgäu
(by appointment only)

Cooperating partners

Operations can also take place in one of the following clinics:

Cambomed Clinic

Herzogpark Clinic, Arabella Clinic and Isar AOPZ

Schön Clinic

Phone: +49 831 69721494
E-Mail: office@felippe.com


or mobile: +49 151 15288546
(Available Mon. – Sun.)
Also through WhatsApp!