Univ.-Prof. (UFSC-Brazil) Dr. med.
Paschoal FELIPPE

Why Professor Felippe

Professor Felippe briefly in figures

Prof. P. Felippe is the son of a physician.
Not only did his grandfather and father choose the medical profession, but uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings did as well. Over 50 of Paschoal Felippe’s relatives are physicians.
The tradition of the medical profession in his family has influenced him since childhood.

Voluntary activities

„The World Academy of Medicine“

Chairman of the executive board of ”The World Academy of Medicine“ association since 1999 (www.acadmedicine.org),
a medical non-profit and non-governmental organisation active worldwide. www.acadmedicine.org

International physician exchange program

Approximately 400 doctors were supported and gained international experience in 34 countries in the context of this exchange program.

Humanitarian aid

Plastic surgery treatments for victims of war, in particular children

Medical task force

Specially trained team for deployment in natural catastrophes

Professional and scientific career:

Univ.-Prof. (UFSC-Brazil) Dr. med. Paschoal FELIPPE

Born in Brazil, Italian family lineage
Comes from a family of physicians

Medical studies in Rio de Janeiro

Approval as a physician in 1982, Rio de Janeiro

1983 commissioned officer physician in the marines, Rio de Janeiro

1987 – 1988 master program in surgery, Rio de Janeiro

Three successful trainings as a specialty physician, acquiring the title of specialist physician:
General surgery, Rio de Janeiro
Urology, Rio de Janeiro
Plastic surgery, Rio de Janeiro and Frankfurt am Main

Authorization to train specialty physicians in
General surgery and urology since 1987
Plastic surgery since 2000

1988 – 1991 research stay as a “Humboldtian”
Alexander von Humboldt foundation
with successful promotion – “Dr. med.”
Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany

1991 – 1993 professor (C3) and chief surgical physician,
UFF Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

1992 habilitation as university professor

1993 to date: Professor
Assumption of office and distinction as a full professor (C4 in Surgery (“Venia Legendi“)
Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Numerous professional stays as an invited surgeon or for purposes of continuing education:
Belgium, England, France, Iran, Italy, Greece, Japan, Kuwait, Austria, Oman, Qatar, Scotland, Switzerland, USA, United Arab Emirates, among others.

Resident specialist in plastic reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery since 1997

Professor Felippe carries out numerous surgical treatments of all degrees of complexity.

His competence is the correction of surgeries and the optimisation of surgical results.

Also, carrying out several combined surgeries in one session is routine for him.